Building Dreams

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Today is one of those days that will determine if the road to our dreams is going to be an easy one, or if hurdles in our way will become mountains in need of shifting, using a shovel and wheelbarrow.

We’ve found the land and fallen in love with a house, the difficult part is getting the timing right, banks to come to the party, and sellers to except offers…in my gut I know we’ll get there, but it’s how treacherous the road ahead will be that has me most curious, nervous, daunted. I look forward to switching to excited…time will tell if that is today or set for the not too distant future.

Wish me luck!

Brenna x




Writing Prompt Wednesday

wow life before day one

The story doesn’t begin on page one!

As you walk past this window you catch a glimpse of … (what?).

Life didn’t begin because you happened to be passing. Life had already begun, and will continue after you’ve moved on.

When writing a story, open the window and invite your reader in. This is their page one, but to you, the author, page one thousand would be closer to the truth.

Deposit backstory as if taking vitamins, but don’t over do it because info dumping will slow the pace!

Happy writing!

Brenna x

Writing Prompt Wednesday wpw blurred lines

Blurred Lines

How would you feel about turning your back on the enemy, or is this a typical case of sibling rivalry?

Sweet vs Sassy? At times the lines are blurred and not all as they seem…

Happy writing!

Brenna x

Writing Prompt Wednesday wpw choice

One Choice Changes Lifetimes

You travelled to another country to celebrate your birthday! So far, nothing about your trip has turned out how you envisaged, but you’re excited about your plans…until…

Your date is a no show. And, to top matters off, the tour you booked has been cancelled due to bad weather…

In the distance neon numbers alert you to the bus you could take back to your room. Do you, hail a ride and return to your hotel for room service and spend the night alone, or do you make a dash for the cute little bar on the corner you intended to dine in after the tour?

The choice is yours…and remember…one choice changes lifetimes!

Happy writing!

Brenna x

Passion is my Driving Force passion

If I had to sum myself up with one word passionate would be it. I like to look at the world and see it for its possibilities. These possibilities may lurk in the most obvious of places, or at times they’re in need of being dug from the deepest depths. Through my rose coloured glasses I see these possibilities as opportunities!

Obstacles placed in my path are mere challenges to test my passion…my desire…my commitment…if the possibility is one worth pursuing, little will stop me from claiming it as as an opportunity!

Looking back to when I was a child, I’ve never been any different. For example, Limbo was my favourite party game. The thrill of the challenge, an obstacle in the way of winning a prize. Flexibility and strategy became my most valuable tools. I stood back and watched as others approached the bar…too soon they took their stance, covering a distance too great in a bent position, only to fall shy of slipping under the bar. I took my time, walked up as close to the bar as possible, and bent back far enough to slip under to claim victory. I worked on my flexibility, and I rarely lost the game.

Little athletics occupied my Saturday morning for many years, hurdles were my favourite event, as was high jump. Again, the challenge of knowing I had to clear an obstacle in order to make it to the finish line drove me to push myself harder. Overcoming a snag set in my path provided such a thrill.

Whilst my first attempt at hurdles may have been a little difficult, my style a little messy…actually, probably a lot messy and a lot difficult…it wasn’t long before the obstacles in my way didn’t even hinder my stride…but, the sensation of soaring over those hurdles never failed to excite me. The rush was like an addiction, and my passion to conquer the challenge, encouraged me to run faster and to jump higher.

Life is not unlike the party game or the track event…hurdles were made for jumping over, limbo a game of flexibility…take opportunities in you stride, find your passion, and manifest your dreams into reality!

Brenna x 

Quote Of The Week why not

All too often I hear the simple question of what if? Mostly it has not been with enthusiasm, with the undercurrent of a dare to strive for more, but with regret.

Regret drags you so far back into the past…What if I did this…What if I said yes…What if I said no…What if I could go back and do it all over again…STOP! Let it go. Change your mindset.

Instead, think why not? Doesn’t that sound so much more exciting?

Why not pulls you into the now, and now is the only moment setting us up for our future…so, why not BE in the moment? Why not take that first step? Why not live the life you want?

I know which two-word combination I will be using in the future…the future I am living for right now. What about you?

Brenna x