Monday Motivation


Don’t let fear hold you back…take the first step. Even if it’s a baby step to begin with. Get acquainted with being uncomfortable. Embrace the feeling as you move toward conquering your dreams and living life your way!

Don’t wait for tomorrow. Do something…anything…make a Facebook page, head over to Canva and create a marketing image, make a phone call, research relevant information to pursue your desired destination, pour your ideas out on a page, set small achievable goals…tiny steps over time puts distance between you and your initial fear…success is waiting for you!

Ask yourself these two simple questions…what have I got to lose? what more have I got to gain?

You already know the answer, all you need now is to push the fear aside…you can DO IT!

Brenna x 


Motivation Monday


There is no better time to put plans into action than right now!

Be brave. Be true. Be you.

No matter how big or small a step you take toward making your dreams come true, just keep moving forward.

Believe in yourself…I believe in you!

❤️ Brenna x

Monday Motivation


You are only confined by the walls you build yourself

A reminder for me to renovate…knock down walls and thrive in the freedom of being!

This makes sense to me on many levels. Once upon a time I always had someone in my life who expected something of me. I have lived my life conforming to the expectations of others. These expectations have stopped me from really knowing my true essence.

This is not so much the case anymore. With a glass half full partner by my side, who supports me every step of the way, I found the strength to knock down many of the walls that restricted me. Walls still stand around me, but I know that anytime I feel them closing in, I can knock them down.

On a different level… indoors, especially confined to a study or bedroom, I find that writing feels like work, like I’m missing out on the excitement going on in the world. Outdoors, by the beach, or even in an open cafe, creativity flows free and my word count climbs.

Knocking down the walls for me is about being in the now as much as possible, and living the life I want.

How do you go about knocking down wall?

Brenna x 


Quote Of The Week why not

All too often I hear the simple question of what if? Mostly it has not been with enthusiasm, with the undercurrent of a dare to strive for more, but with regret.

Regret drags you so far back into the past…What if I did this…What if I said yes…What if I said no…What if I could go back and do it all over again…STOP! Let it go. Change your mindset.

Instead, think why not? Doesn’t that sound so much more exciting?

Why not pulls you into the now, and now is the only moment setting us up for our future…so, why not BE in the moment? Why not take that first step? Why not live the life you want?

I know which two-word combination I will be using in the future…the future I am living for right now. What about you?

Brenna x 


Quote Of The Week


A few bad chapters does not mean your story is over.

Have you ever noticed that challenges sent to test us tend not to fly solo? As if one lesson at a time is not enough to learn, instead the lessons pile up to form a mountain too high to see the sun still shining on the other side.

At times there may seem no easy way around the mountain, leaving you no choice but to dig a tunnel straight through the middle. Now, this may not be the easy option, nor a quick fix solution, and you may have to venture through deeper and darker territory before you see even a glimmer of hope. But, just think how much brighter the light will seem once you break through to the other side.

Believe in yourself. Rewrite your story, a couple of times if that’s what it takes. Your happily ever after is waiting for you.

Brenna x

Quote of the Week


Actually, I can…and I will.

For nine months I struggled to find words worth adding to my manuscripts. Heartbreak crippled me and I avoided writing happily ever after’s for my characters because I was hurting. Delete was the most used key on my computer, and stagnate was where I was at.

I allowed myself to wallowed in feelings of not being enough, which grew like a noxious weed to encapsulate and sum up my whole life and not just my relationship with Mr Not So Right.

After so long down I found it difficult to climb back up, as if the walls of my misery pit were lined with moss and I couldn’t get a grip on anything. So I sat and I waited…

The bottom of the pit opened up from beneath me when I received a message from Mr Not So Right announcing he’d arrived in town. The usual playful banter via messenger was back, until he informed me that his days were already counted for and I didn’t make the cut.

Yep, I was back to crying myself to sleep at night…okay, day and night. My want for anything, even to climb out of the ever deepening pit, faded. I went through the motions of each day as if preprogrammed from years of living one day over again and never moving forward.

My dreams floated somewhere above, out of reach, taunting me…a constant reminder that I was still so far from achieving them. For the first time ever I allowed myself to believe that maybe I couldn’t…that I wasn’t enough, that I never was and I never would be. That was until I received another message…

‘I’m in transit. I’ll reply.’

Those 5 words were all it took for change.

I laughed. I laughed so hard that tears ran down my cheeks for a completely different reason. It felt good. Laughter was what I needed in my life, not misery. Instead of sitting in front of my computer and forcing words onto the page, I took time out.

I went to the gym, indulged in a reflexology treatment and caught up with family and friends. After a few days I felt more alive than I had in a long time and ideas began to flow freely.

A week later I was ready. I got up determined to make a dent in the goals I had set in order to achieve my dreams. A manuscript I had been working on caught my attention. I wanted a project I could complete before my head hit the pillow that evening, so I was quick to rule the novel out as an option.

I pondered for a few minutes as I made myself a latte. I toyed with the idea of what if I could finish it. The satisfaction of conquering such a massive task would be the perfect boost I needed…so I took the challenge.

8,500 words was all it took. 8,500 words before I typed The End. The most exciting part in the process for me was knowing that it was actually the beginning. I believed in myself. I grasped the challenge with both hands, and I did it!

This week, as we move from February to March, I am embracing the motto Actually, I can…and I will. I can’t wait to see what new adventures March brings.

I hope your week is filled with inspiration.

Brenna x

Quote of the Week


You are the first and last thing on my mind each and every day.

Falling in love is often beyond our control. As if caught up in a whirlwind our emotions take over and all logic is stifled.

One of the most obvious signs that our heart has been well and truly captured is when our subconscious thoughts become prominent. When even on the brink of sleep, our mind hones in on that one special someone and lingers until we drift off, only to be waiting for sleep to fade and we wake.

Until recently I’d not experienced this, at least not since I was a teenager when I was certain I was in love with whichever gorgeous guy decided to pay attention to me for the week. But, now I know my heart has been claimed, as the hero of my dreams is my last thought in the evening and my first thought as I open my eyes.

Like a shadow I can’t shake it, no matter how hard I try. Being a strong believer in dreams do come true, perhaps the hero of my dreams will one day become my reality. Only then will he be more than my first and last thought of the day.

Has anyone left such a lasting impression that they creep into your thoughts and rarely leave?

Crazy how love works a trick so different on each of us…a pretty amazing trick at that.

Brenna x