Monday Motivation


Don’t let fear hold you back…take the first step. Even if it’s a baby step to begin with. Get acquainted with being uncomfortable. Embrace the feeling as you move toward conquering your dreams and living life your way!

Don’t wait for tomorrow. Do something…anything…make a Facebook page, head over to Canva and create a marketing image, make a phone call, research relevant information to pursue your desired destination, pour your ideas out on a page, set small achievable goals…tiny steps over time puts distance between you and your initial fear…success is waiting for you!

Ask yourself these two simple questions…what have I got to lose? what more have I got to gain?

You already know the answer, all you need now is to push the fear aside…you can DO IT!

Brenna x 


Monday Motivation

Selfless and kind, you_re truly divine. copy

Have you ever done something you’re proud of and your efforts went unnoticed? Reached a milestone with no one to share the excitement? Established your dream business and it didn’t thrive as you hoped? Published a book and no one read it? Made a beautiful dinner and hubby worked late enough for it to spoil?

No matter how big or how small, we’ve all had set backs. Some more detrimental than others. Some so confidence shattering you can’t see past the doom to the success waiting at the top of that very steep mountain in the distance…

This week I’m focusing on the glass half full…the positive in every negative…the thread, no matter how frayed, that steers me to the top of that mountain.

I invite you to join me…DON’T GIVE UP…I believe in you!

Brenna x 

Monday Motivation

Nothing like a pile of new books for the weekend! copy 9

Working all the time may lead to frustration, and therefore instigate stagnation…leave the rut behind. Do something you enjoy, find your passion again and then apply it to your work.

In case you’re one to forget, schedule time for fun each week. You owe it to yourself…and your work will be better for it, too.

Brenna x 

Midweek Motivation


After such a busy writing weekend, I expected inspiration to settle and my mind to shift from overdrive to cruise…but, it didn’t. I have seen the other side of 3am every day before my eyelids became too heavy and I was forced to call it a night.

It’s times like these that I wish my kids were on school holidays. I’m not going to lie, I dread having to get up before nine, so when my alarm screeches for me to rise at seven I certainly don’t bound out of bed eager to start the day.

Most weeks by the time Wednesday rolls around I am in need of a pick me up. Lunch with friends or dinner out with my kids, either suits me fine…I love to cook, my nonna and mum taught me well, but nothing beats having someone do it for you…this week, for some reason, I didn’t feel the need to indulge.

This afternoon as I sat waiting for my daughter to finish work I thought about why that may be, and the only answer I could come up with was that I am happy and content in what I am doing.

Over the past two weeks I’ve had two books released and another up for preorder, available 29th March. Uni has started, and I’m loving the law and criminology units more each semester. Sweet Life For Mum’s, my motivation and success coaching service, is taking off, which I’m super excited about! And, I’ve even taken time out to read.

I’m grateful for the life I live, the beautiful people I share it with, and the new friends I’m making along the way. Even before I began writing this post I didn’t realise what I am about to admit, but gratitude is my key. Being grateful rather than looking for inspiration to motivate me means I use my time more productively, which brings me closer to materialising my dreams.

Moving forward is so much more satisfying than sitting stagnant, and if gratitude is what it takes to achieve what I want to do, then grateful I am.

Thanks for reading, it means a lot to me that you are here and sharing in the exciting journey that is life.

Brenna x