Happy Valentine’s Day

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Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope you’re kissed by cupid’s arrow, or doing something you LOVE today!

For a limited time only, Just Swipe Right is FREE on Amazon.

Happy Reading,

❤ Brenna x 


Just Swipe Right

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It’s been a long time coming, but I am so excited to announce that Just Swipe Right has been release! YAY!

I hope you enjoy Molly and Zak’s story.

Happy Reading

Brenna x 

After Molly Craven discovers her celebrity boyfriend hid a nine-year relationship, her best friend Shelley convinces her to give love another shot.

Not sure where to go to meet eligible bachelors, Molly signs up to a dating site, Craze.

Two disastrous dates and Molly is having second thoughts, until a rant from Shelley sparks an idea worth considering. Just Swipe Right, a blog dedicated to dating the duds, studs, and keepers available in the sea of singles.

Keepers are a rare find. So, when Molly meets Zak Lange she is hesitant to share him with the community she has created.

Does finding a keeper mean her dating days, and blog, are over?

Join The Craze ~ WIP


Just Swipe Right is due for release on July 31, available for preorder now. Over the next two months I will be building a blog, similar to the one Molly creates in Just Swipe Right, so feel free to head on over and Join The Craze!

Here’s a little snippet of what you’ll find there…

Dud Stud or Keeper?

The online dating game, at times, is not unlike a fairytale…a happily ever after is always at stake, and the line between prince, frog, and toad is often blurred…drop me a line via my contact page, or share your experiences in the comments. But, remember, no names or the comment will be deleted. This is not a place for slanging matches, so play nice!

I look forward to hearing your adventure…

Hope you enjoy the craze!
Brenna x


Schedule For Fun


Over the past few years I’ve spent a lot of time in front of my computer smashing out words to create a story worth reading. I’m not complaining about these hours of solitude, I honestly wouldn’t have it another way, but as a single mum of four teens (actually, my eldest has just turned 20!) I fear that life is slipping by and I’m not living to my full potential.

Many of my friends have tried to talk me into the dating game, but sadly for me there is a man out there who has already won my heart, so I have no interest in adding another to the equation. I have to be true to what I want, and if I can’t have him…well…I will just have to find something else to fill my life.

Tonight I’m writing up a schedule…and, for anyone who knows me, a schedule is the worse form of torture for my free spirited nature. This is not the sort of schedule most would write and cringe at the thought of following, this is going to be a schedule dedicated to having more fun.

Now all I need to decide is what I am going to do first!

Feel free to offer suggestions below, or on my Facebook page…I could use all the help I can get!

Brenna x