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Too many drinks and one bad decision was all it took to change Felicity Hanley’s life forever.

After hitting rock bottom Flic escapes her past by moving to the tranquil wine region, Margaret River, where she develops new friendships and rediscovers a passion she thought was lost.

But, no matter how fast she flees, the trauma of her past is one step ahead—waiting.
Can she trust again, after the last time nearly killed her?


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Ipad Fake it til you make it
Isla Campbell is London’s most celebrated success coach. Career aside, there is little about her private life worth celebrating. Caught up trying to turn her fate around came with sacrifices, her love life topping the list.

Ryder Hanson moved to London to pursue his dream career—running into Isla was like the cherry on top. After years of being too shy to talk to here, he had no intention of making the same mistakes.

There is no denying the chemistry between them, but Ryder knows too much and Isla will do anything to keep the traumas of her past a secret—even if it means losing the man she loves.

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ipad Highfliers final

How do you tame a drug lord when dealing is all he’s ever known?

Bryn Evans may seem like the new waitress in town, but truth is, she’s been around the block for years.

Rich, sexy, and wildly untameable, Reeves Walker might appear to be everything a woman wants, but for now all Bryn wants is to keep her enemies close and their enemies even closer.

But, how close is too close when dealing with one so dangerously sexy as Reeves Walker?

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ipad just swipe right
After Molly Craven discovers her celebrity boyfriend hid a nine-year relationship, her best friend Shelley convinces her to give love another shot.

Not sure where to go to meet eligible bachelors, Molly signs up to a dating site, Craze.

Two disastrous dates and Molly is having second thoughts, until a rant from Shelley sparks an idea worth considering. Just Swipe Right, a blog dedicated to dating the duds, studs, and keepers available in the sea of singles.

Keepers are a rare find. So, when Molly meets Zak Lange she is hesitant to share him with the community she has created.

Does finding a keeper mean her dating days, and blog, are over?

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