Throwback Thursday


There’s no better feeling than writing your first book and seeing it published! The Pact will always be my favourite…

Too many drinks and one bad decision was all it took to change Felicity Hanley’s life forever.

After hitting rock bottom Flic escapes her past by moving to the tranquil wine region, Margaret River, where she develops new friendships and rediscovers a passion she thought was lost.

But, no matter how fast she flees, the trauma of her past is one step ahead—waiting.
Can she trust again, after the last time nearly killed her?

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Travel Inspires Me

Determination Sees Dreams Come True determination


Is it just me, or do you feel the urge to prove that dreams do come true if you’re willing to work for them?

I have always lived in a bubble filled with dreams, and believe that anything is possible if you’re passionate enough to see it through to success.

That’s not to say that everything I begin turns out exactly as I visualise, but I do believe obstacles are thrown in my path to steer me toward bigger and better things.

Everyday I make it my mission to learn something new, or delve deeper into a concept or study of interest. These days I read more non-fiction articles than fiction, storing information on a broad range of topics. I enjoy developing new businesses and I have, what seems to be, an endless supply of ideas swimming around in my head waiting for the right moment to burst out and be grand. 😉

Plans I’ve made are beginning to take shape and are slotting into place nicely. Study is going strong, even if the end of my double degree in Law and Criminology is a long way off. I’m determined to finish what I started no matter how long the road may seem. And, in my world of books…the novels I’m working on…yes, I’m one of those crazies who have more than one novel on the go at once…are coming together as I envisaged. Fingers crossed, if all goes well, I’ll have a novel ready for release by the end of March.

I love being busy and proving to myself that all I want to do can be done. Dreams do come true if you believe and work hard to manifest them into your reality.

This weekend I hope you find the time to dream your dream and take steps toward living the life you love…if you are already doing so, enjoy!

Brenna x