Blue Moon Teaser

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Chapter One

Nyx folded her arms across her chest and waited to be graced with patience. She thrummed her fingertips in rhythm with her heartbeat—relaxed, not racing, as it had been the first time she stormed the gates of the Cartel with Jet.

Since, she’d sampled the goods as a buyer might have a taste of china white before committing to the purchase. It wasn’t as though she hadn’t enjoyed Rayce—because, well, let’s face it, what wasn’t to enjoy? Strong, sexy as hell, and willing and able to handle her wildest side, he was everything a woman like her could hope for. Yet, still he failed the ultimate test—her sisters.

With boyfriends of Fae decent, dating their enemy was not a safe option for anyone involved. As the last in the coven to find her mate, Nyx’s willingness to leave it to destiny wasn’t an option and came with unspoken expectations.

Family barbecues would never be the same if she continued to fraternize with the head drug lord, at least not whilst the Fae insisted on intercepting and ripping off their shipments. Bloodshed was bound to be the end result—not something she was willing to bring to the party.

Rayce was fun to indulge in, whilst it lasted, but enough was enough.

“Let’s just say—” she paused in search of a generic excuse. “It’s not you—it’s me.” The lamest of them all rolled off her tongue as convincing as if she meant it.

Rayce frowned and shook his head. “You have to do better than that, baby, we’re too good for each other and you know it. Try again.” He took a step closer and, mimicking her stance, arms crossed over his chest and head tilted to one side. The trace of a smile teased the corners of his lips, and Nyx was tempted to lean in for one last taste.

“My sisters are entwined in a web with the Fae, and you thugs don’t stand a chance against them. So excuse me if you think we have a better solution than to end what has barely begun.” There was weakness in her words, she heard it and knew he had too. Ending a relationship to suit her sisters almost didn’t sit well with her and there was no doubt Rayce would be as understanding.

He tipped his head back and laughed. “You underestimate me, pretty little witch. You think I can’t crush those bastard faeries if I want to?”

It was her turn to laugh. “What’s your plan? They naturally heal from bullet wounds to the chest. Immortality has one up on anything you can serve.” He couldn’t be blamed for being naïve. She was too upon first contact with the Fae, but since she learnt that some legends went deeper than stories shared around a campfire. She feared the only way Rayce would believe her would be from six feet under the earth’s surface, and she wasn’t going to live with the guilt of sending him to his grave, no matter how good the sex was.

“We have methods even a Fae couldn’t survive.” He sniggered, but worry touched his eyes.

She need not possess Dami’s empathic ability to pick up on his fear.

Fear was not something she regarded as weakness, it would serve him well to be wary of the unknown. Most of what made up the Fae was exactly that. Mysterious and cunning was the tip of the iceberg. Even her sisters, romantically involved as they were, weren’t privy to the inner workings of their kind.

Nyx had witnessed few situations in which the coven had evoked enough power to interfere with their grand plans. But, for the most part, the Fae King and his men were always one step ahead of them.

Witches had means to ensure they were more resilient and in tune than the common folk. Rayce, although of the tougher crowd, fit the category of common folk. Sex appeal may have been a weapon successfully used against her, but his rough around the edges charm, and body ripped with muscles, wasn’t lethal to all.

“Besides, if those bitches you call your sisters care about you and want you to be happy, as they claim they do, they’d make allowances for us. Surely they could leash their men, if they dare call themselves witches at all.”

Insults flung at the Fae were one thing, even the few she’d grown to tolerate for the sake of coven harmony. Directed at her sisters was as if he’d inflicted an attack on her personally.

Quick as the words flowed from his mouth, Nyx spun and swiped his feet from under him. Flat on his back she pressed her boot to his throat, restricting his airflow. Funny how life always seemed to turn a full circle, as the wheel of the year, and she was back to where it had begun. The events that went on in between faded to white noise and were of little importance now.

“I’d be careful what you say about a witch’s sisters if I were you, Rayce.” She pressed a little firmer and angled her head to better watch his face discolor to shades of purple. “Karma has a way of catching up on you, but us witches, we move a lot faster, with or without magic.” Not wanting to hurt him really, she removed her foot and took a step back. Insults were skin deep and, by dropping him on his ass, she could only guess his ego was suffering a more severe blow.

“You think because I screwed you that your actions don’t warrant consequences.” He drew in a deep breath then flipped himself to standing in one swift movement. His agility took her by surprise, but the gun he pulled didn’t.

Her gifts outshone his threat and from where she stood she jerked the gun from his grip and sent it across the room.

“What the fuck? You’re going to regret fucking with me, Nyx.”

Not satisfied he’d sampled enough of what she was capable of she whipped the rug from under him. Flat on his back again, only this time she hadn’t moved an inch. “The mind is a powerful tool. My body you may have screwed, but it’s my mind you’d best not fuck with.” Nyx grinned. “Don’t underestimate the power of witches. Unlike my sisters, I get off on teaching the uneducated a lesson.” She winked at him before spinning on her heels and heading for the door.

On his back was the only place Rayce held any meaning for her, so it seemed fit to leave him in exactly that position, with the image firmly stamped in her memory.

Coming soon…

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Teaser Tuesday

Black diamond_s hung from her ears like cursed purity. A reflection of what her life had become. (1)

The basic idea of Devil’s Poison came to me about five years ago, but, until now, the rest wouldn’t unfold no matter how much I tried to unravel Ravenna and Zaine’s story.

For years I worried the idea would bore me by the time I started writing…but, nope, super excited over here! I can’t wait to unleash Devil’s Poison into the big wide world of books.

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Teaser Tuesday

Brenna Darcy Teaser Tuesday 1

It feels good to be writing paranormal romance again…super excited to fall into Crimson’s world, as I create a story I’ve been holding close to my heart.

I can’t wait to share Crimson Towers with you!

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Mommy’s Boy ~ Tuesday Teaser

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Unedited, straight from my work in progress…

Mommy’s Boy ~ Blog post

On time and as good-looking as his photographs promised, Tim was waiting on the steps inside and to the right of the cinema complex as planned.

When he suggested a romantic comedy as a good way to end a busy week, I jumped at the chance. Rom-coms are my movie genre of choice, and the week had indeed been busy, Craze wholly and solely responsible for my lack of sleep. Besides, a movie first date had me beating that not much could go wrong. If personality matched his online persona, there may be a second date in me despite my insecurities of being replaced by the next one on his list of matches.

As much as I hate to admit, it was as much an addiction as I expected it to be—swiping late into the night and chatting to random strangers, mostly about the weather, or how busy our lives are. Scheduling dates with some, whilst others seemed keen to linger in the chat room. Most of my matches appeared too good to be true and more adventurous and exciting than a superhero.

The thing that I can’t really understand, about the contenders on the site, is that everyone seem to live complete lives, not really in need for more. How they intend to fit a significant other into their full and exciting life seemed a challenge that didn’t add up to possibility in the measly twenty four hours granted each day.

A cold Friday night saw to the cinemas being a popular choice of entertainment, so how close people were standing, jam-packed and waiting in lines to enter theatres, or to purchase tickets or food at the candy bar, didn’t strike me as strange. That was until I approached and saw that the older woman smooched up against Tim wasn’t only standing close, but her arm was linked with his.

I know I wore a frown as I approached, but unless he failed to disclose that he was a siamese twin with a much older female look alike, then he had some explaining to do.

“Molly.” He greeted me as if an old friend, smile wide and endearing, and held his free hand out for me to grasp, which, as if on autopilot, I did.

His grip was tight as he leaned in and kissed me on the cheek. The attachment to his arm leaned also, enabling him to close the distance. “This is my mom, Sian. When I told her about you she was so excited that she insisted on meeting you, so here she is.”

I smiled to be polite, but, seriously, was this guy for real?

Sian certainly didn’t look excited to see me. Her face as sour as if she sucked a unripened plum.

“Nice to meet you.” There was no point hiding the obvious. A first date was hardly the time to venture so far as meeting the parents. Instantly, sex on a first date seemed an appropriate option after all.

It wasn’t any wonder this guy was still on the shelf if his handbag insisted on attending all outings. And, if that were the case, he could very well be the only thirty year old guy with a gunning chance of being a virgin. Not that a lack of experience appeals to me, merely an observation.

Tim glanced at his mother when she failed to respond and gave her a little nudge, which initiated a forced smile and, likewise.

I wanted to turn and run, but I didn’t have the guts with the likes of Sian on my tail. Her piercing eyes were enough to freeze my soul in a heartbeat.

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p.s. if you’d like to share your online dating disaster story, or a happily ever after, feel free to contact me at the Just Swipe Right Blog…I’d love to feature you there! x

Teaser Tuesday

Ipad The Pact\

My favourite part about writing The Pact was developing the relationships between three women, Flic, Mim and Lacey. Strong and lasting friendships are as rare as true love, and I loved exploring the dynamics between these three. The banter between them in Chapter Seven was my favourite scene to write…hope you enjoy this snippet…

Brenna x

Chapter Seven

Flic found Mim sitting in the restaurant reading what she recognised to be one of Dave’s books.

Not wanting to disturb her, she walked over to the table as quietly as possible. Mim almost jumped out of her seat when she glanced up and saw Flic approach.

“Sorry—he certainly knows how to drag you into the thick of the story.”

“That he does.”

“He was one of my favourite authors.”

Was?” Mim arched one eyebrow. Flic was fascinated how she managed to do so voluntarily, having tried many times and failed as both eyebrows insisted on going up together.

“Well, still is I suppose. But, now I’ve met him—” she didn’t continue, instead shrugged.

Mim frowned. “There’s more to him than you realise.” Closing her book she placed it on the table, Dave’s image facing up. “Don’t be too quick to judge him, women always do. There was a lot of truth in what Doris said the other night, even if she was out of line.”

“I’m sorry. He irritates me, which isn’t fair because I don’t know him.” Flic stopped. She shouldn’t be discussing Dave with Mim, they were obviously close and not much she had to say about him was positive. “He’s a brilliant storyteller.”

“Yes, but I’d like to hear more about how he irritates you. Why do you think that is?”

“Because once he’s in my head he occupies too much space.”

Mim smirked. “Sometimes they call that something else.”

Lacey burst through the door. “Sorry I’m late.”

Flic wished she’d been a few minutes later so she could find out what Mim was referring to, although she doubted she’d elaborate. Again, Dave was clouding her head, and it didn’t help that his sister was pulling up a seat, talking none stop about Dave this and Dave that. Flic wanted to put her forehead on the table and bang until something other than Dave occupied her thoughts.

Mim laughed at her, and Flic wondered if she’d guessed where her mind was at.

Lacey stopped. “What’s so funny?”

“Maybe you should ask Flic, from the look on her face I imagine she has a lot of something going on in her mind. Perhaps she could elaborate for us.” Mim stood up, not bothering to conceal her laughter. “Can I get you anything before we start?”

“I’d appreciate a cold drink thanks, it’s warm out.” Lacey placed a hand on Flic’s arm. “How are you this afternoon?”

“I’d say claustrophobic, would that be right?” Mim laughed again.

Flic scowled at her. “Very funny.”

“I’m sorry can someone explain what’s going on, I’m confused.” Lacey slumped back into her chair waiting for someone to fill her in.

Flic shook her head. “Nothing, honestly.”

Carrying a tray holding drinks and plates of food over to the table, Mim’s laughter turned to a giggle. “Flic’s got the hots for Dave,” she teased.

“Very mature Mim.”

Lacey beamed. “Oh, I hoped you did.”

“Lacey it’s not true, she’s joking.”

“I think there’s chemistry, and even denial can’t change that.”

“Oh yeah, the type of chemistry they use to construct nuclear bombs. The only possible outcome is an explosive disaster. We came here to talk about work, although I imagine Dave wouldn’t be anything less than a challenge.” Flic regretted the comment as soon as she said it. “I’m sorry Lacey, that wasn’t fair.”

“No it wasn’t.” Lacey only able to keep a straight face for a moment, released a loud burst of laughter.

“You two are cruel.” Flic picked up one of the bottles of pink grapefruit juice, opened the lid and took a long swig.

“Is your novel a romance? You’ve found the perfect leading man, broody and mysterious I think you called him.” Mim continued to tease, but Lacey stopped laughing.

“You write?”

Fabulous. Flic rolled her eyes, liking the Dave topic better than the current one.

“Not really.”

“Yes she does, every day. I can’t wait to read it.” Mim said, removing the cling wrap from the antipasto platters she’d made up earlier, and then emptied a bag of salted peanuts into a bowl.

“What are you trying to do to me, Mim?” Flic didn’t want to continue the discussion, at least not with Lacey. As if she didn’t feel intimidated by Dave enough already. What would he think when he learned of her ridiculous dream of becoming a writer.

“You should join the critique group Dave facilitates.”

“Lacey, Mim’s over generous as usual, I merely dabble. I’m not in your brother’s league and doubt I’ll ever be.”

“You sell yourself short. Besides some of the members haven’t written more than an email. It’s not for professional writers, he helps people who want to tell a story and to do it well.”

“That’s kind of him, but I don’t think my writing, or self-esteem is ready for critique yet.”

“Okay suit yourself, but keep it in mind I’ve been a few times and it’s actually helpful.”

“You write too?”

“Only Poetry.”

“Only a poet would say only poetry.” Flic had tried it as a means of self-expression, but instead wasted her time on an emotional mash of words not suitable to share with anyone.

“Well ladies as much as the writing world fascinates me, from a readers perspective anyway, we open in fifteen minutes,” Mim announced, serious for the first time since they arrived.

“Of course, this shouldn’t take long, you have Flic Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings, yes?”

“Yep, when do you want her?” Mim smirked. Obviously there was more going on in her head than she was willing to share.

“How does Tuesday and Thursday work for you Flic?”

“Suits me.”

“Too easy, and you’ll still have time to write, and fantasize over Dave.” Mim roared with laughter as she stood and walked away, taking her drink with her. “I’ve got a call to make, see you tonight Lacey.”

“Ignore her, she’s hoping Dave finds someone she approves of, is all.” Lacey smiled, but it didn’t reach her eyes as usual, instead Flic noticed a sadness she’d not witnessed in Lacey before.

“I’m sure he’ll find a suitable woman when the time is right,” She tried to sound convincing, but wasn’t completely convinced herself.

“You’re a lousy liar, Flic, even you don’t think he will. I’m worried because women never give him a chance, not the nice ones anyway, and he deserves the best.”

“He has to want it too, and when he does he won’t have the ten layers of razor wire and a neon warning sign flashing keep away bound so tight around him.”

“You’re right. He needs to acknowledge reality long enough to realise he spends too much time trapped in an existence where he is the creator and not a character, if you know what I mean.”

Flic nodded. “What I love most about writing is becoming part of another world as though nothing in this one exists.”

Lacey looked at her for a moment, but didn’t speak. Picking up the tray she went to leave then stopped. “Give him a chance Flic, you’d be surprised how alike you are.”


NOTE: The Pact will be available for FREE…June 15-17 on Amazon.