Throwback Thursday


There’s no better feeling than writing your first book and seeing it published! The Pact will always be my favourite…

Too many drinks and one bad decision was all it took to change Felicity Hanley’s life forever.

After hitting rock bottom Flic escapes her past by moving to the tranquil wine region, Margaret River, where she develops new friendships and rediscovers a passion she thought was lost.

But, no matter how fast she flees, the trauma of her past is one step ahead—waiting.
Can she trust again, after the last time nearly killed her?

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Monday Motivation


Don’t let fear hold you back…take the first step. Even if it’s a baby step to begin with. Get acquainted with being uncomfortable. Embrace the feeling as you move toward conquering your dreams and living life your way!

Don’t wait for tomorrow. Do something…anything…make a Facebook page, head over to Canva and create a marketing image, make a phone call, research relevant information to pursue your desired destination, pour your ideas out on a page, set small achievable goals…tiny steps over time puts distance between you and your initial fear…success is waiting for you!

Ask yourself these two simple questions…what have I got to lose? what more have I got to gain?

You already know the answer, all you need now is to push the fear aside…you can DO IT!

Brenna x 

Writing Prompt Wednesday


For those of you that don’t know, I teach the youth writing program at the KSP Writers’ Centre. The most useful piece of advice I offer my students when I present them with a writing prompt is for them to look through the prompt, to see it for what it could be rather than for what it is…

Caution…is this prompt merely a stimulus for a story about an abandoned building? Or are there other situation in which your characters might proceed with caution…

Forbidden love…where the union of two may destroy many of their existing relationships.
Second chance at love…what went wrong the first time to make one, or both, of your characters resist the second chance they’ve been given.
Shady characters…proceed with caution, getting close may be the last relationship your character ever has.
Fear of the unknown…characters aren’t born heroes, unless you’re writing in the genre of superheroes, not all are brave and adventurous from chapter one. They may be hesitant to fall into the journey you plan for them, and so cautious becomes a character trait rather than a neon sign flashing, or taped off areas, prohibiting entry to a particular scene…
or, if crime is your genre, the taped off area may spark an idea that haunts you until you write the scene.

Be inspired by what if rather than what

Happy Writing!

Brenna x


Teaser Tuesday

Black diamond_s hung from her ears like cursed purity. A reflection of what her life had become. (1)

The basic idea of Devil’s Poison came to me about five years ago, but, until now, the rest wouldn’t unfold no matter how much I tried to unravel Ravenna and Zaine’s story.

For years I worried the idea would bore me by the time I started writing…but, nope, super excited over here! I can’t wait to unleash Devil’s Poison into the big wide world of books.

Brenna x 

Monday Motivation

Selfless and kind, you_re truly divine. copy

Have you ever done something you’re proud of and your efforts went unnoticed? Reached a milestone with no one to share the excitement? Established your dream business and it didn’t thrive as you hoped? Published a book and no one read it? Made a beautiful dinner and hubby worked late enough for it to spoil?

No matter how big or how small, we’ve all had set backs. Some more detrimental than others. Some so confidence shattering you can’t see past the doom to the success waiting at the top of that very steep mountain in the distance…

This week I’m focusing on the glass half full…the positive in every negative…the thread, no matter how frayed, that steers me to the top of that mountain.

I invite you to join me…DON’T GIVE UP…I believe in you!

Brenna x 

Fave Five Movies

Fave Five Movies

My top five favourite movies tend to change according to my mood, the weather, and the moment. I love a good romcom, psychological thriller, or love story, and although a paranormal movie didn’t make the list today, the genre often tops my fave list.

Having grown up children, and a movie buff man in my life, nothing beats a family night in with bowls of popcorn, and assortment of lollies and chocolate, and a good movie…and, if all goes well, is on the agenda for tonight!

Happy Friday…

Brenna x