Writing Prompt Wednesday

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Pure or at threat of falling? Her fate is in your hands…

Not unlike real life, one choice determines the future. Is she a seeker, guardian, or a protector, or does her path travel the road to the damned…

Happy writing.

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Mommy’s Boy ~ Tuesday Teaser

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Unedited, straight from my work in progress…

Mommy’s Boy ~ Blog post

On time and as good-looking as his photographs promised, Tim was waiting on the steps inside and to the right of the cinema complex as planned.

When he suggested a romantic comedy as a good way to end a busy week, I jumped at the chance. Rom-coms are my movie genre of choice, and the week had indeed been busy, Craze wholly and solely responsible for my lack of sleep. Besides, a movie first date had me beating that not much could go wrong. If personality matched his online persona, there may be a second date in me despite my insecurities of being replaced by the next one on his list of matches.

As much as I hate to admit, it was as much an addiction as I expected it to be—swiping late into the night and chatting to random strangers, mostly about the weather, or how busy our lives are. Scheduling dates with some, whilst others seemed keen to linger in the chat room. Most of my matches appeared too good to be true and more adventurous and exciting than a superhero.

The thing that I can’t really understand, about the contenders on the site, is that everyone seem to live complete lives, not really in need for more. How they intend to fit a significant other into their full and exciting life seemed a challenge that didn’t add up to possibility in the measly twenty four hours granted each day.

A cold Friday night saw to the cinemas being a popular choice of entertainment, so how close people were standing, jam-packed and waiting in lines to enter theatres, or to purchase tickets or food at the candy bar, didn’t strike me as strange. That was until I approached and saw that the older woman smooched up against Tim wasn’t only standing close, but her arm was linked with his.

I know I wore a frown as I approached, but unless he failed to disclose that he was a siamese twin with a much older female look alike, then he had some explaining to do.

“Molly.” He greeted me as if an old friend, smile wide and endearing, and held his free hand out for me to grasp, which, as if on autopilot, I did.

His grip was tight as he leaned in and kissed me on the cheek. The attachment to his arm leaned also, enabling him to close the distance. “This is my mom, Sian. When I told her about you she was so excited that she insisted on meeting you, so here she is.”

I smiled to be polite, but, seriously, was this guy for real?

Sian certainly didn’t look excited to see me. Her face as sour as if she sucked a unripened plum.

“Nice to meet you.” There was no point hiding the obvious. A first date was hardly the time to venture so far as meeting the parents. Instantly, sex on a first date seemed an appropriate option after all.

It wasn’t any wonder this guy was still on the shelf if his handbag insisted on attending all outings. And, if that were the case, he could very well be the only thirty year old guy with a gunning chance of being a virgin. Not that a lack of experience appeals to me, merely an observation.

Tim glanced at his mother when she failed to respond and gave her a little nudge, which initiated a forced smile and, likewise.

I wanted to turn and run, but I didn’t have the guts with the likes of Sian on my tail. Her piercing eyes were enough to freeze my soul in a heartbeat.

Brenna x
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p.s. if you’d like to share your online dating disaster story, or a happily ever after, feel free to contact me at the Just Swipe Right Blog…I’d love to feature you there! x

New Cover For The Pact!


I love my new cover for The Pact…hope you do too!

Happy weekend

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Nice guy…and then he kissed me

Deal breakers…do you have any limits set in place, or does anything go in your book?


Ashtray breath is not a delicacy…nor is it pleasant when out on a first date, and you’re left sitting alone whilst you wait for him to finishing puffing, not once but five times in two hours.

Enduring a conversation about how he was being financially stitched by his ex, unable to see his children, and asking advice on what he should do, wasn’t even the worst part of the date.

He was sweet, genuinely seemed to miss his kids, and was clearly in a predicament that had not only tainted his past, but was encroaching upon his future. Not exactly first date conversation material, but he was clearly nervous and his mouth was running away with him against his will.

Relieved when my daughter phoned to inform me she was unwell, and I was able to escape what wasn’t too much of a disastrous evening, but not one I wanted…

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WIP ~ Work In Progress

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Just Swipe Right is coming…soon.

Stick around for more details, or head over and Join The Craze!

I can’t wait to share Molly’s story with you.

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Motivation Monday

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Nothing rings more true than this quote…

Don’t wait around for your dreams to miraculously manifest on their own, because the sad fact is that they won’t…at least not to the standard in which you imagine.

Be brave…take the first step…give life to your dreams…make them flourish!

I believe in you!

❤ Rori x

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Highfliers Has Been Unleashed


ipad Highfliers final

Super excited, and a little nervous, to share with you, Bryn and Reeves’ story…I hope you love it!

How do you tame a drug lord when dealing is all he’s ever known?
Bryn Evans may seem like the new waitress in town, but truth is, she’s been around the block for years.
Rich, sexy, and wildly untameable, Reeves Walker might appear to be everything a woman wants, but for now all Bryn wants is to keep her enemies close and their enemies even closer.
But, how close is too close when dealing with one so dangerously sexy as Reeves Walker?

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