Making Memories


The way I see it, any reason to celebrate a loved one is an opportunity worth making the most of. Birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries of any description, milestones, successes ~ you name it, drinks are on and memories are made.

Over the years my passion to celebrate my own birthday, Mother’s Day, or achievements, has dulled.

“Sorry, I forgot.” and “You’re not my mother.” replaced the early morning greeting and cup of tea in bed. I’ll never forget the look on my children’s faces when they apologised for not having a gift to give, which was never expected but something they wanted to reciprocate. My gorgeous mum and sister compensated and made sure my cherubs weren’t disappointed.

Then I met Trent…

Thought out and planned Christmas gifts, in boxes filled with snow, brought tears to my eyes.

3F63BF31-B7B8-436D-B30B-B6D3B2DA79EEAn organised breakfast cook off, for Mother’s Day, with a trophy for the winning team, left me lost for words.

Then came my birthday. Not only did he shower me with beautiful gifts, he dedicated days to celebrate me.

A romantic dinner for two, a surprise dinner with the kids, followed by a relaxing afternoon at the exquisite Mandoon Winery with our gorgeous friends.

Althought the official celebrations have come to an end, it’s the everyday moments we share, and the little things he constantly does, that light up my life brighter than neon.

I hope you have someone special in your life to celebrate with!

❤️ Brenna




Writing Prompt Wednesday

wpw messageMessage in a Bottle!

Eyes are the windows to the soul…

Peak inside and tell me what you see!

Right at this moment, what is running through her mind? Is she going to share her deepest thoughts, or keep them sealed tight as a cork in a wine bottle?

Happy Writing.

Brenna x 

Writing Prompt Wednesday

wow life before day one

The story doesn’t begin on page one!

As you walk past this window you catch a glimpse of … (what?).

Life didn’t begin because you happened to be passing. Life had already begun, and will continue after you’ve moved on.

When writing a story, open the window and invite your reader in. This is their page one, but to you, the author, page one thousand would be closer to the truth.

Deposit backstory as if taking vitamins, but don’t over do it because info dumping will slow the pace!

Happy writing!

Brenna x

Writing Prompt Wednesday wpw blurred lines

Blurred Lines

How would you feel about turning your back on the enemy, or is this a typical case of sibling rivalry?

Sweet vs Sassy? At times the lines are blurred and not all as they seem…

Happy writing!

Brenna x

Writing Prompt Wednesday wpw edge

Living on the Edge

Dressed to impress they don’t go unnoticed. Or do they want to blend with the crowd? Is it a statement they are wanting to make?

Together they walk the line between risky and risqué, balancing on the edge of freedom. Who is saving who? Or, are they as one in their escape?

Happy Writing.

Brenna x

Writing Prompt Wednesday wpw choice

One Choice Changes Lifetimes

You travelled to another country to celebrate your birthday! So far, nothing about your trip has turned out how you envisaged, but you’re excited about your plans…until…

Your date is a no show. And, to top matters off, the tour you booked has been cancelled due to bad weather…

In the distance neon numbers alert you to the bus you could take back to your room. Do you, hail a ride and return to your hotel for room service and spend the night alone, or do you make a dash for the cute little bar on the corner you intended to dine in after the tour?

The choice is yours…and remember…one choice changes lifetimes!

Happy writing!

Brenna x

Writing Prompt Wednesday

brenna darcy WPW Journal

Prompt with a twist

For those of you who don’t keep a journal, my challenge for you is to begin. Today, instead of the usual picture prompt I would like you to explore your true self…

…not the you all others see and think they know

…not the you who dresses in a uniform or work appropriate clothing every morning

…not the you who feels obliged to say yes all of the time

…or the you who thinks one thing, edits, and says another…

This you, I am encouraging you to explore, is you without all the fancy or false trimmings. Get in touch with your emotions, strip bare and be true. Discover your essence…the rawest most vulnerable version of yourself without the protective barriers you erect for the outside world to see.

I can’t begin to tell you how important true emotion is in your writing. If you get into the habit of writing these experiences down every day, you’ll have your very own book of gold…true emotion is priceless in fiction writing!

Enjoy the journey.

Brenna x