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Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope you’re kissed by cupid’s arrow, or doing something you LOVE today!

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Just Swipe Right

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It’s been a long time coming, but I am so excited to announce that Just Swipe Right has been release! YAY!

I hope you enjoy Molly and Zak’s story.

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After Molly Craven discovers her celebrity boyfriend hid a nine-year relationship, her best friend Shelley convinces her to give love another shot.

Not sure where to go to meet eligible bachelors, Molly signs up to a dating site, Craze.

Two disastrous dates and Molly is having second thoughts, until a rant from Shelley sparks an idea worth considering. Just Swipe Right, a blog dedicated to dating the duds, studs, and keepers available in the sea of singles.

Keepers are a rare find. So, when Molly meets Zak Lange she is hesitant to share him with the community she has created.

Does finding a keeper mean her dating days, and blog, are over?

Blue Moon is coming…

when the veil comes down, who will make the ultimate sacrifice_

Blue Moon ~ Due for release on Tuesday, January 15, 2019…

“Witch blood may run through your veins, but that doesn’t make you one of us. You were cursed with Fae upbringing and for that you remain an impostor.”

With Samhain around the corner, Akasha’s fate is close to being sealed.

So close, yet not close enough, Nyx and her coven sisters won’t rest until Akasha’s safe. However, the veil between their world and the Fae drug lab, where she’s being held, hinders their every move.

Secrets are uncovered, unlikely unions are made, but some bonds are too strong even for love to break through.

When the veil comes down, who will make the ultimate sacrifice?

Witch or Fae?

Festive Season


The festive season can be so chaotic, but catching up with my beautiful family makes me love this time of year despite the seemingly endless rush hour.

I hope you too are lucky enough to spend time with those who are special to you.

Happy Holidays!

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Throwback Thursday

ipad Highfliers final

“Remember, don’t make eye contact or else you’ll end up in a gutter.”

Bryn sucked in a breath as she slid the tray, loaded with drinks, from the bar. Not making eye contact was the easy part, balancing glasses filled to the brim and weaving her way through the crowded room was more of a challenge.

Not upending the tray before she took her first step was an accomplishment. One handed may have been the preferred carrying technique, but with the weigh of her load, there was no way that was going to happen.

“Oh, and Bryn.” Sally flashed her a sympathetic smile. “It’d help if you breathe.” No doubt, she experienced a similar sense of dread on her first time entering the VIP section of the nightclub.

Open and exposed for all to see, as if royalty on display—to be admired—Reeves Walker and his partners in crime seemed oblivious to those around them.

There was no questioning Highfliers had filled the club’s legal quota of guests for the evening and doubled it. But that was on someone else’s head, all Bryn had to do was pick a path to her destination and hope her tray wasn’t sent flying by an uncoordinated dance move.

A few women dripped from the mostly male group. Perfectly made up faces and manicured finger nails, complimented designer clothes and sexy stiletto heels, like a trade mark, set those of the in-crowd apart from the clingers on.

Reeves Walker, like the show-stopping centerpiece was seated in the midst of the elite. White leather low line modular sofas, sleek and every bit as stylish as those seated upon it lined the walls, giving the vibe of seclusion and intimacy, in the busy club.

Designer labels weren’t exclusive to the women. The fit of a well-cut Armani suit emphasized what she could only imagine to be a ripped body many women had delighted in running their hands over. She didn’t have to be close to Reeves to imagine he smelt as expensive as he looked, splashed with a heady fragrance to compliment his charm.

He’d not long been settled with his four most regular buddies when the women began to descend. A slight nod of his head was enough of an invitation for them to step over the threshold and into the cream. Reeves Walker was like the delectable cherry on top.

Laced with poison Bryn couldn’t imagine why a woman with any common sense would willingly risk the allure, but, over the past two weeks of working the bar, she’d witnessed the game over again. Acceptance into the circle meant a ticket to his bed. His reputation wasn’t rumor. Practically every night he left with a different women, and Bryn doubted he was being hospitable and ensuring they arrived home safe. He was a free agent to entertain whoever he pleased, but what she couldn’t understand was the willingness of women who frequented the club in hope of becoming the next notch on his belt. Surely even they realized that Reeves Walker was the master player, and he lined them up like pawns.

The only alteration she wished he’d make to his practice was that he sat in a position other than the one he occupied, so he was more easily accessible when waited upon.

No sooner had she spied an opening in the crowd, making delivery of the drinks a possibility, was it filled by a couple too caught up in each other to realize they were a hindrance.

Just my luck. There was no longer an easy way of serving him first, at least, not without putting the tray down on the table in front of him.

Bryn weighed up her options, risk spilling a full tray of drinks into the club owners lap, or set it down and smear his precious glass topped table—the perfect surface for cutting and lining up cocaine. Not a grain of dust need be missed when snorting from the polished black top, not to mention the ego trip as consumers watched themselves ingest the powdery substance in it’s reflection.

She knew drugs, almost as intimately as the Lord and every trick in his book, having been exposed to a scene many would class as a disadvantage. Bryn saw it as a constant reminder of what she’d never become. Employed to serve drinks in a drug lords club wasn’t the worse she could do. The money she worked for was earned, even if it was dished out by the hands of one so cold and heartless.

Super model good looks with his chiseled jaw and rich as dark chocolate hair she’d enjoy nothing more than to rake her fingers through. He was the prize most women came to Highfliers in hope of winning. But not Bryn. A tough guy she could handle, even one so good-looking, it was the reptilian ice interior that was incapable of fulfilling her needs.

She needed this job, so her next move was important. Another glance confirmed there to be no easy way to get around the mobs, so the glass top it was.

Keeping her line of sight at shoe level, she slid her way between two women, who were clearly absorbed in the men seated on their opposite side, and set the tray down.

A gasp from the woman to her left, despite the blaring music, caused attention like a spotlight on a solo act.

Bryn glanced up, jade green eyes, as mesmerizing as any drug he offered, met her gaze and held. Her lips parted and before giving any thought as to who she was addressing, she smiled. “Seems you already had a shower, I didn’t think you’d appreciate a stick mess in your lap.” Alternative meanings popped into her head as soon as the words escaped her mouth. She diverted her eyes, remembering Sally’s caution only moments earlier, but not before witnessing a smile tease the corner of his lips.

Swiping a cardboard coaster from the stack on her tray, she set it down on the pristine surface and placed his scotch on top. The order in which the drinks had been positioned so they made it to their rightful owner, no longer made sense. Since breaking the eye contact rule, she was certain her position as a waitress was currently up for grabs. A few mixed up drinks could do her no more damage so she dished them out as quickly as possible.

Before turning away, she stole another glance at Reeves. He was watching her, green eyes pierced the outer layer and she clenched to her core under his scrutiny. It wasn’t any wonder staff weren’t permitted to look him in the eye. This man possessed the ability to be the undoing of even the toughest of dealers; she’d be like a midnight snack to him.

She shuddered, sexy he may be, but the cruel dangerous reputation was enough to chill the warmth from her blood. With her head held high, and the deliberate sway of her hips with each step she took, Bryn walked over to where Sally stood watching her. “If I finish the night, do I still get paid?” She placed the tray on top of the bar and folded her arms across her chest.

If Sally weren’t her mentor, Bryn would’ve been intimidated under her constant watch.

With head tipped back, Sally let out a loud burst of laughter. “When his Lordship has a hard time fighting back a smile, from what was the most average delivery of drinks I’ve ever seen, I’d say you might have earned yourself immunity.”

“But I looked him in the eye.”

Sally picked up the tray from the bar and wiped it clean with a damp cloth. “You call that looking him in the eye?” She shook her head. “Honey, you all but ogled him.” Laughter followed as she handed the tray back to Bryn. “My bet is, before the night is through, you’ll be Reeves Walker’s requested waitress.” She turned to walk away, then stopped. “And, Bryn, that’s exactly where you want to be.” She winked, before attending to a waiting customer.

I had a lot of fun writing Bryn and Reeves’ story and hope you enjoyed the beginning of their little adventure.

❤ Brenna x 

Work In Progress


To scream would be to feed his addiction. She refused to give in to her pain as the knife slashed her torso. Blood spilled. The metallic tang invaded her senses as she fought to remain conscious. Beneath her bulging belly, not yet full to term but ripened enough for minimal risk to the life inside, the tip of his knife penetrated her skin, slicing from left to right.

He worked with precision, tracing his mark three times. Each slash a little more gentle than the last, before placing the tip to her navel and ripping down her middle.

Biting down on her lip too hard she tasted blood. The desire to scream no longer her biggest fear as realization finally kicked in. This night would be her last, but the first for her child.

She refused to die at the hands of the ripper. Greed was his weakness. Sacrifice was her power.

Even in the dank darkness of the tunnel the full moon touched her, aiding her attempt to save her unborn child.

Tearing through her womb, he was close to what he sought.

Her time was running out.

Upon the goddess she called and, drawing upon the power of the divine, began her chant. From my mistakes don’t make her suffer. Daughter of the angels his demon hands can’t touch. I give myself to protect her and bind him in his crux. Save her, oh creature of the night, for in your heart you’re pure. I summon you to this task, a step toward your cure.

From his hand she snatched the knife and plunged it in to her heart. This time she did scream—there was power in her agony—her love for the child she would never know cut deeper than the knife could touch.

Crimson Towers will be released early 2019…stay tuned for details…

Brenna x

Blue Moon Teaser

Ipad blue moon

Chapter One

Nyx folded her arms across her chest and waited to be graced with patience. She thrummed her fingertips in rhythm with her heartbeat—relaxed, not racing, as it had been the first time she stormed the gates of the Cartel with Jet.

Since, she’d sampled the goods as a buyer might have a taste of china white before committing to the purchase. It wasn’t as though she hadn’t enjoyed Rayce—because, well, let’s face it, what wasn’t to enjoy? Strong, sexy as hell, and willing and able to handle her wildest side, he was everything a woman like her could hope for. Yet, still he failed the ultimate test—her sisters.

With boyfriends of Fae decent, dating their enemy was not a safe option for anyone involved. As the last in the coven to find her mate, Nyx’s willingness to leave it to destiny wasn’t an option and came with unspoken expectations.

Family barbecues would never be the same if she continued to fraternize with the head drug lord, at least not whilst the Fae insisted on intercepting and ripping off their shipments. Bloodshed was bound to be the end result—not something she was willing to bring to the party.

Rayce was fun to indulge in, whilst it lasted, but enough was enough.

“Let’s just say—” she paused in search of a generic excuse. “It’s not you—it’s me.” The lamest of them all rolled off her tongue as convincing as if she meant it.

Rayce frowned and shook his head. “You have to do better than that, baby, we’re too good for each other and you know it. Try again.” He took a step closer and, mimicking her stance, arms crossed over his chest and head tilted to one side. The trace of a smile teased the corners of his lips, and Nyx was tempted to lean in for one last taste.

“My sisters are entwined in a web with the Fae, and you thugs don’t stand a chance against them. So excuse me if you think we have a better solution than to end what has barely begun.” There was weakness in her words, she heard it and knew he had too. Ending a relationship to suit her sisters almost didn’t sit well with her and there was no doubt Rayce would be as understanding.

He tipped his head back and laughed. “You underestimate me, pretty little witch. You think I can’t crush those bastard faeries if I want to?”

It was her turn to laugh. “What’s your plan? They naturally heal from bullet wounds to the chest. Immortality has one up on anything you can serve.” He couldn’t be blamed for being naïve. She was too upon first contact with the Fae, but since she learnt that some legends went deeper than stories shared around a campfire. She feared the only way Rayce would believe her would be from six feet under the earth’s surface, and she wasn’t going to live with the guilt of sending him to his grave, no matter how good the sex was.

“We have methods even a Fae couldn’t survive.” He sniggered, but worry touched his eyes.

She need not possess Dami’s empathic ability to pick up on his fear.

Fear was not something she regarded as weakness, it would serve him well to be wary of the unknown. Most of what made up the Fae was exactly that. Mysterious and cunning was the tip of the iceberg. Even her sisters, romantically involved as they were, weren’t privy to the inner workings of their kind.

Nyx had witnessed few situations in which the coven had evoked enough power to interfere with their grand plans. But, for the most part, the Fae King and his men were always one step ahead of them.

Witches had means to ensure they were more resilient and in tune than the common folk. Rayce, although of the tougher crowd, fit the category of common folk. Sex appeal may have been a weapon successfully used against her, but his rough around the edges charm, and body ripped with muscles, wasn’t lethal to all.

“Besides, if those bitches you call your sisters care about you and want you to be happy, as they claim they do, they’d make allowances for us. Surely they could leash their men, if they dare call themselves witches at all.”

Insults flung at the Fae were one thing, even the few she’d grown to tolerate for the sake of coven harmony. Directed at her sisters was as if he’d inflicted an attack on her personally.

Quick as the words flowed from his mouth, Nyx spun and swiped his feet from under him. Flat on his back she pressed her boot to his throat, restricting his airflow. Funny how life always seemed to turn a full circle, as the wheel of the year, and she was back to where it had begun. The events that went on in between faded to white noise and were of little importance now.

“I’d be careful what you say about a witch’s sisters if I were you, Rayce.” She pressed a little firmer and angled her head to better watch his face discolor to shades of purple. “Karma has a way of catching up on you, but us witches, we move a lot faster, with or without magic.” Not wanting to hurt him really, she removed her foot and took a step back. Insults were skin deep and, by dropping him on his ass, she could only guess his ego was suffering a more severe blow.

“You think because I screwed you that your actions don’t warrant consequences.” He drew in a deep breath then flipped himself to standing in one swift movement. His agility took her by surprise, but the gun he pulled didn’t.

Her gifts outshone his threat and from where she stood she jerked the gun from his grip and sent it across the room.

“What the fuck? You’re going to regret fucking with me, Nyx.”

Not satisfied he’d sampled enough of what she was capable of she whipped the rug from under him. Flat on his back again, only this time she hadn’t moved an inch. “The mind is a powerful tool. My body you may have screwed, but it’s my mind you’d best not fuck with.” Nyx grinned. “Don’t underestimate the power of witches. Unlike my sisters, I get off on teaching the uneducated a lesson.” She winked at him before spinning on her heels and heading for the door.

On his back was the only place Rayce held any meaning for her, so it seemed fit to leave him in exactly that position, with the image firmly stamped in her memory.

Coming soon…

❤ Brenna x