Nice guy…and then he kissed me

Deal breakers…do you have any limits set in place, or does anything go in your book?


Ashtray breath is not a delicacy…nor is it pleasant when out on a first date, and you’re left sitting alone whilst you wait for him to finishing puffing, not once but five times in two hours.

Enduring a conversation about how he was being financially stitched by his ex, unable to see his children, and asking advice on what he should do, wasn’t even the worst part of the date.

He was sweet, genuinely seemed to miss his kids, and was clearly in a predicament that had not only tainted his past, but was encroaching upon his future. Not exactly first date conversation material, but he was clearly nervous and his mouth was running away with him against his will.

Relieved when my daughter phoned to inform me she was unwell, and I was able to escape what wasn’t too much of a disastrous evening, but not one I wanted…

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