Writing Prompt Wednesday

brenna darcy WPW Journal

Prompt with a twist

For those of you who don’t keep a journal, my challenge for you is to begin. Today, instead of the usual picture prompt I would like you to explore your true self…

…not the you all others see and think they know

…not the you who dresses in a uniform or work appropriate clothing every morning

…not the you who feels obliged to say yes all of the time

…or the you who thinks one thing, edits, and says another…

This you, I am encouraging you to explore, is you without all the fancy or false trimmings. Get in touch with your emotions, strip bare and be true. Discover your essence…the rawest most vulnerable version of yourself without the protective barriers you erect for the outside world to see.

I can’t begin to tell you how important true emotion is in your writing. If you get into the habit of writing these experiences down every day, you’ll have your very own book of gold…true emotion is priceless in fiction writing!

Enjoy the journey.

Brenna x 


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