Quote Of The Week

brennadarcy.com why not

All too often I hear the simple question of what if? Mostly it has not been with enthusiasm, with the undercurrent of a dare to strive for more, but with regret.

Regret drags you so far back into the past…What if I did this…What if I said yes…What if I said no…What if I could go back and do it all over again…STOP! Let it go. Change your mindset.

Instead, think why not? Doesn’t that sound so much more exciting?

Why not pulls you into the now, and now is the only moment setting us up for our future…so, why not BE in the moment? Why not take that first step? Why not live the life you want?

I know which two-word combination I will be using in the future…the future I am living for right now. What about you?

Brenna x 



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