Before the clock reaches midnight


Every year in preparation for the new year I take time to cleanse my life as best as I can.

My goals are written, broken down and schedule in my 2017 diary. Appointments are beginning to fill the pages, so I look forward to a busy start to the year.

Decluttering my space really helps too. Out with the old to make room for anything new that may come into my house whilst the year is in full swing and I’m too busy to worry about accumulating more than we need.

I like to donate to those less fortunate than me, so unused items are packed into bags or boxes ready to be dropped off at the local charity. I love knowing others will benefit from the impulse purchases I made and didn’t need.

Then comes the big clean. From top to bottom I wash, tidy and dust all surfaces possible. Having four children my house is reasonably sized, so I don’t do this all at once, and as my kids are teenagers, if they’re home, they pitch in and help. It takes time, but feels fabulous afterwards.

And last but not least comes me. Last night I had my hair cut and coloured. My second eldest daughter is a hairdresser, so this was done in the luxury of my own home, which is much more relaxing than visiting a salon. Before I head out for the evening I’m planning to indulge in a hot bath, infused with aromatherapy oils, and my favourite candle burning on the sill.

Cleansed, prepped and ready for all 2017 has to offer, I plan to party the night away and celebrate the end of my most challenging year yet. The second the clock passes midnight I will toast to a fabulous year ahead for all of us.

Have a safe and fun night, and a happy new year to you and yours from me and mine!

Brenna x


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